Creonate Manufacturing

Born in 2022 through the opportunity to secure the future of a completely unique manufacturing initiative created by Global Access Diagnostics during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

Established as a social enterprise, dedicated to securing and prioritising the provision of diagnostic products and components for developing countries to ensure that local manufacturing initiatives can operate unimpeded by mature market greed, while offering surge capacity backup, these core principles remain steadfastly the foundations of Creonate.

High Volume? No Problem.

Building further on the manufacturing scale up that occurred in 2021 with support from the UK Government, our 2-million-per-day volume facility is now the largest independent open-source diagnostics manufacturing capability in Europe.

Specialising in the production of rapid diagnostics components and with access to bioreagents (and agnostic of type, be that Antibodies, Fragments, Affimers or MIPs), the facility is further differentiated by its ability to address manufacturing requirement from small scale, batch production of 100’s of devices, through to 100,000’s and more per batch through reel-to-reel production and automated assembly.

It’s not just simple ‘two line’ diagnostics that have been mastered, but multiple analyte test production has also been a focus since inception.  Cutting edge diagnostics for respiratory disease and infection (sepsis) have been produced for use within clinical trials, which present measurement results of up to 5 antigens per test strip, plus of control line.

Born Out Of The Pandemic

Our world class team has been trained and developed through the COVID pandemic, producing large batch volumes of a single product whilst facilitating the production of lower volume products in parallel to ensure customer commitments were upheld.  Now free from the constraint of COVID compression, Creonate’s team is ideally placed to service the needs of any diagnostic manufacturing requirement.

Prior to 2020, the world was beginning to appreciate the impact of single use plastic waste on the world and its oceans thanks in part to Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series.  Unfortunately COVID hindered humanity’s progress in sustainability, and billions of lateral flow devices, PPE, swabs and their packaging have created a new sedimentary layer within our landfill sites around the globe. Despite other material solutions being available at the time, central procurers were more interested in saving a few pence per device than caring for the planet.

Creonate is different.  During the Pandemic we have produced, in partnership with Adreco and Aquapak Polymers, the worlds first water soluble diagnostic housings. We will continue to develop all packaging and accessory components to ensure that our only global impact is  improvement to healthcare access.

Creonate is an ISO13485 and 9001 capable facility - But That's Not All...

Creonate is about more than just diagnostics.  It’s a manufacturing facility that has the capability to manufacture just about anything, from novel battery chemistry and Hydrogen Cell production to general product assembly, kitting and finishing from component parts.  With access to world-class class 1 and class 2 laboratory facilities adjacent to the manufacturing halls, Creonate has a remarkably diverse skill base to address almost anything – set us the challenge!

With access for heavy equipment, articulated lorries and highly confidential materials, our secure remote site in North Bedfordshire is set up to deliver whilst protecting our customers’ product.

We're leaders in diagnostic manufacturing

From concept to commercialisation, our mutifaceted team and flexible quality system combine to rapidly accommodate or develop SOPs and QC procedures

Established infrastructure allows for rapid product delivery and includes an expansive network of suppliers, component manufacturers and distributors.

Our manufacturing processes operate to ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP standards.