Kitting and Packing

Bespoke kitting & packaging services to fit the needs of your project

Within Creonate is an advanced manufacturing team who offer premium custom kitting, assembly & packaging services. Our services range from mass-produced product kits to individual bespoke orders.

Our team can process and assemble components, kit, pack, label & ship from Creonate’s warehouse & distribute globally.

Kitting and packing lines can be bespoke and environmentally controlled as required in our fully flexible facility.


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We use lean manufacturing tools to develop the most efficient way to package our customers products.

Cartoning Service

As one of our newest services, we can add your items into cartons and seal them using our cartoning machine. Our machine takes cartons of different sizes and neatly packs your items.

Automation helps to lower operating costs, improves worker safety and reduces manufacturing lead times.

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We’re continuously monitoring for improvements and regularly review our processes and procedures. We perform quality assurance testing and follow ISO 13485 quality standards.